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Still, most psychologists are concerned about spanking, which has been shown to increase risk of anxiety, depression, and aggression later in life, says Laura Markham, Ph. In addition, the study showed reductions in the areas of the brain responsible for empathy, self-regulation, and ability to pay attention. That most spanking research lumps abusive behavior along with measured, open-handed spanks is is one problem that he and Ferguson have with most spanking studies.

Data collected in these studies cut across too broad a swath, they argue, so that parents who hit their kids with belts or switches and leave bruises or cuts, for example, are lumped in with parents who use the unemotional, non-abusive spanking that they suspect will benefit some kids.

Conversely, such children may have more behavioral problems to begin with. Ferguson is similarly unimpressed with much of the research critical of spanking. Markham nonetheless maintains that spanking is ineffective. Please try again.

Why you shouldn't spank your toddler or baby

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    What Science Says--and Doesn't--about Spanking - Scientific American

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    Research on spanking is varied. Are kids with behavioral issues more likely to be spanked?

    College Boy Tighty Whities Spanking

    Do the non-spanked children simply have more cooperative and compliant personalities? Spanking can be appropriate, It can also be inappropriate Used correctly and infrequently as part of a comprehensive parenting toolkit, a spank can be that last resort discipline method you use when you need to create attention and a clear understanding why the behavior should never happen again.

    Have you ever asked that question? The truth is, how you see your son and talk to him has a significant effect on how he thinks and acts. About the Author.


    Guidance Over Violence: Why Spanking is Not Good for Your Child and What You Can Do Instead

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    Do Parents Still Use Spanking?

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