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Our research has shown that moderately fermentable fibre, such as beet pulp, enhances intestinal health.

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The fermentable part of the fibre is broken down by intestinal bacteria to provide short-chain fatty acids, an energy source for intestinal cells. The non-fermentable component provides bulk for normal faeces.

Obese dogs could have similar 'personality' traits to overweight humans – new study

Using only highly fermentable fibres can cause problems, such as excess wind, while using only non-fermentable fibres, such as peanut hulls, promotes excess stool volume because they are of no nutritional value. The right food can do amazing things for pets.

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Moderately fermentable fibre Our research has shown that moderately fermentable fibre, such as beet pulp, enhances intestinal health. Tiny Tummies. Find the right food for your pet Expert nutrition and enjoyment. No compromise The right food can do amazing things for pets. Be part of our Facebook community! It caters to the same people who might give their dog a Bark Mitzvah.

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The 25, square foot facility offers such amenities as a heated indoor pool, luxury pet suites, room service, happy hour with homemade treats, and doggy tuck-in service. There are "doga" sessions yoga for dogs , a gym equipped with canine treadmills, and a grooming facility that offers pedicures, blueberry facials, and baby powder belly rubs.

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But the Morris Animal Inn is not merely a luxury dog spa. It's also a doggy fat camp, complete with personalized exercise plans to help overweight pets lose weight. They're working or maybe don't have time [to exercise their pets].

So that's where we come in and do it for them. Lola, one of the regular residents at the Morris Animal Inn, is a miniature dachshund who once tipped the scales at 28 pounds. She's since slimmed down to 22 pounds. The ideal weight for a miniature dachshund is 11 pounds. When Sheikh noticed Lola was having a hard time breathing and quickly got exhausted on walks, she turned to Morris Animal Inn's canine exercise program.

I'm her mother and I feel responsible for her health and well-being. As with humans, carrying extra weight is associated with a multitude of health risks in dogs, including diabetes and heart attacks.

Inside the Luxury Fat Camp for America's Wealthy Dogs

Even a couple extra pounds can shorten the already-short life of a dog. But in the United States, obesity rates among dogs are swelling: Roughly half are either overweight or obese, according to research published this year from the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. In , Nationwide—the largest provider of pet health insurance—reportedly received 42, claims for arthritis in dogs, a condition that's exacerbated by extra weight.