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A few years ago I took a psychology class in college and the professor played a very interesting video that always stuck with me. The video basically said that human beings can sometimes mirror another persons body language and it gave two examples to back it up. Anyways, even if I am not in a good mood seeing her smile makes me want to smile and subsequently puts me in a good mood.

Of course, a hypothesis means nothing until you prove it right or wrong so I decided to do a little test. I noticed it and thought it was interesting so I decided to change things up a bit so I sat forward like this,. I apologize for the mannequin picture but it was the best one I could find to illustrate my point. Lets pretend that you are on a date with your ex boyfriend and you do what I did above to look and see if he is mimicking your body language or posture and you determine that he is indeed mimicking it.

While I hesitate to sign the whole farm over to you I will admit that it does appear to be a good sign. Any time I have experienced this phenomenon in my life someone has always had strong feelings for the other person. I remember I would just get lost in her eyes and then I would snap out of it for a split second and realize that I was mirroring her posture exactly but then she would look at me with those eyes again and I would be lost.

If you do find that your ex boyfriend is mirroring you it is a strong sign behind the fact that he still has feelings for you.

Why would my ex kiss me on the cheek at my fathers funeral visitation? Over people came to the visitation and not one other person kissed me on the cheek. Thank you for all your articles, I keep rereading them when I need support. I had no question in my mind that this guy was crazy about me, if not obsessed with me.

Which fun ‘n’ flirty game are you playing today?

But he has serious intimacy issues and keeps sabotaging everything by continuing to hook up with women who are leagues beneath me and him. I walked out did no contact and we went out on a date recently I had to initiate everything, he can be passive aggressive, but I know this about him. He looked like hell, gained weight, was unkempt and his apartment was a wreck. He struck me as slightly depressed. I kept the date fun and we had no discussions, though I suggested I was dating others and he was not going to be my focus.

Any advice? Thank you for the article. But I have one question.

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I found out my ex bf cheated on me. He has new lover He claimed he love both of us, which is nonsense!! We broke up and I make the cut. I blocked him in every social media and block his no.

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But few days later, I decided to go back to his apartment to pack my things because the day we broke up, I move out without taking my clothes. When I want to walk to the door, suddenly he tightly hug me from behind. The hug last about minutes. Then, I know he wanted to kiss me but then I ran into the door without looking at his eyes. I need to go before I fell into his kiss and it will make myself look stupid. Questions: 1.

#3: Expand on her interest

Guy can love 2 person in a time? What that hug all about? My ex and I split ten months ago.

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As we gave a child together we are in contact regularly. Has cried to my son from another relationship saying he hates his life. Got upset when he found out I was going for dinner with another man,even though he very quickly hit with a woman I actually think he was cheating with her. He moans to our child about her constantly…. I just wish I knew what was going on in his head…..

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I feel sad for him, but not sure what his behaviour means. Due to some of the things he has done,for self preservation, I went NC, so pretty much several months. Our teenager now is having counselling due to her dad telling her all kinds of things and due to some of his actions. Hi Sasha…. I am so sorry for your pain. And you are right, our children are those who should be treated with sensitivity.

My ex and I are broken up just under 2 months now. It has been cleared up that he did it whilst he still had feelings for me. It is still very confusing as to why we broke up. We talk every day. Once in public and two at his house. He picked me up at 4am and I stayed upstairs and I kept my distance. But he was the one hugging me and he kissed me.

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He is the one initiating the kissing and hugging! But he broke up with me. But he agreed to go to dinner with me but it seems like he backed out? We ended up kissing and cuddling and more when I stayed in his house last night, in the morning.

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  6. He has also made little comments while talking to me on texts saying how he would of loved to sleep beside me wearing a specific set of pjs etc. He says no? He then leads me on? I want to talk properly before that. I want him back. He does a lot of this stuff on this page. A LOT.

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    I wish I could talk to him about it without him getting all weird. My boyfriend now ex broke up with me in the weirdest way. I am on summer break from college, but I have made sure to see him every other weekend. Memorial day weekend I visited him and we had an amazing long weekend together. He was acting the exact same, seeming excited and sweet. So he said I could just come over his place and when I get there we can decide if we wanna go out or stay in. We cuddled on the couch, kissing, laughing, joking, and catching up for an entire hour like everything was normal.

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    4. It was so random and surprising that for the first 2 mins I thought he was joking. Why would he want to cuddle, be boyfriend-like, and enjoy company with me for an entire HOUR if he was planning to break up with me the entire time? And why would he make plans with me like we were just having a normal relationship hangout? Two weeks after that we were still not together but he pulled me in for a hug and we kissed, but he said we were better off of we are not a couple.

      What should I do? Hi, I really loved your article. I have a question and I really want you to answer it. Its very important to me. There was this guy i met 3 years back, my college-mate and we were in a relationship for 2 years after that. Because I used to fight a lot and I was not understanding and mature that time. He is always there for me, he helps me everytime, we talk everyday, we meet up almost everyday, cheers me up when i m sad. How do I know? Does he want me back? I have no clue. Please help and suggest me something.. What does it mean if my ex boyfriend hugged me many times and held my hand while I was mourning over a loss?

      The hugs were long and he grabbed my hand. Can I ask a question? We made out before breaking up and I think I made a mistake of making out with him before the break up. I knew him when he was penniless, trying to build his life, now he has money and all that comes with, so unfortunately he went that phase of dating a lot, so he blocked me from social media, could only reach him by email, so on the meantime I cry like hell for months then came back to my ex future husband then married him.

      I am still in touch with him online. I like your opinion..